English for Communication

Our English for Communication course was developed especially for speakers of other languages who need additional communication practice in English as a second language. An integral part of our Intensive English Program, this English for Communication module consists of additional practice in speaking and listening and can be added to any of the other English programs by F -1 students, or as a stand-alone course by local learners who are not constrained by a full course load requirement.

The English for Communication curriculum includes:

  • practical vocabulary and idioms;

  • pronunciation skill development;

  • speaking activities: discussions, role play, conversation practice and oral presentations;

  • reading for everyday needs, entertainment, and information;

  • writing skills for personal and practical purposes: notes, memos, letters, and editing for grammatical correctness;

  • listening skills for everyday needs: video and audio tapes;

  • grammar and usage for everyday needs;

  • activities emphasizing the cultural aspects of everyday communication;

  • and computer-assisted instruction.

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