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English for Teens

Our English Plus Fun program consists of two-week courses that combine our short-term English course with fun afternoon activities organized by AFI. Morning classes focus on speaking, reading, vocabulary, grammar, and writing, and afternoon activities center around favorite student destinations in Los Angeles, such as Hollywood, the Grove, Third Street Promenade, and Venice Beach  (more . . . )

Whether you are applying to university or just looking for certification of your English level, you can be confident to prepare for the TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS, or Cambridge English exams at AFI in a full-time, intensive exam preparation course that will ensure that you get the best possible score on your chosen exam.

The TOEFL is the most widely-accepted English certification in the USA. We offer intensive, full-time TOEFL preparation courses with start dates throughout the year. You can customize your course to the duration you need to achieve the TOEFL score you want. The Cambridge English exams are widely-accepted outside the USA and have lifetime validity, so many consider them useful for certification purposes. We offer full-time FCE and CAE, FCE. We also offer IELTS preparation courses. Get in touch to find out about start dates and durations that fit your schedule (more . . .)

English for College and University

Our most popular English course, the General English course is  designed to help you communicate more effectively and confidently in each of the English language skills: speaking and listening, reading and writing, as well as develop your English competency in professional and social environments (more . . . )

Learn a language in the company of peers from your generation, 50 Plus. Studying in immersion, you will develop your language skills quickly while also experiencing so much more than a normal holiday! (more . . .)

Our English for Communication course focuses on increasing your vocabulary and usage of idioms, American pronunciation and speaking/listening activities through an enjoyable spectrum of classroom activities (more . . . )

English for Companies and Organizations

We recommend especially our English for Professionals to give employees the confidence in speaking, listening, reading and writing, skills that are absolutely crucial to optimum performance in the business world. For those looking to improve their fluency of speech and improving their vocabulary, our English for Communication is ideal as it focuses on practicing American pronunciation and speaking/listening activities (more . . . )

English for Individual Instruction

This is our English course that is completely designed around your needs, whether that is building your vocabulary, improving your speaking skills, successfully get that desired TOEFL score in as short a tie as possible, or polish your writing skills under the guidance of your own private instructor.  (more . . . )

English for Adults and Professionals

​Our English for Professionals course is more than just a Business English course.  After an interview with the admissions advisor, your course is customized to give you the greatest benefit for your professional background, in addition to our standard curriculum which includes specific business vocabulary, telephone skills and meeting and presentation skills (more . . . )

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