I made so many new friends at AFI. I like that there are people from so many different countries.


Jose, Mexico

Universal Studios! I love it. We even got a annual pass so we can go whenever we like and there is so much to see. . .  like my favorite actors.



Julia, Italy

Our classes are a good size, never too big so we can all know each other and also the teacher knows every student. It's important because this way you feel comfortable to ask questions.

Mariana E., Brazil

Sightseeing days are so much fun, The school is near Hollywood, it's a few minutes by metro, and with my friends from school, it's so cool.


Marlies B., Switzerland

My TOEFL teacher helped me get the confidence to get a score that seemed impossible to reach. The class is very good, I can really recommend it.

Yun S, Korea

The potlucks, everybody likes them the best. We have students from many countries and many kinds of amazing foods, like the sushi and noodles coming from Thailand. I even tried a food from Tajikistan.


Dagmar K. Germany,


My teacher is very good, he always helps us understand and we also have fun. I like this school.

Hiroshi S., Japan

I like that the teachers and the director are so nice and like my family. This is a good atmosphere.

Ayako W., Japan

We practice English in the class but we also do a lot of English outside of class. The student meetings, like pot luck or game days, are the times when we get to use what we learn in the classroom. And everybody likes them. We make friends from other classes.

Wang L, China

Potuck Wednesdays are my favorite because the food is from everywhere in the world, and that is so cool. Also we meet other students from other classes and that is good for meeting new friends.

Wolfgang M., Germany

I like the sight seeing to different places. We get to see places that i did not know before, and going with my class mates friends is best, it is very nice and entertain.

Aimee C., France

Los Angeles is never boring, there is so much to see and do, and still after six months in here I did not see everything.

Milena R., Russia


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